What we think, we become
......The Buddha

Your Distant Healing Session
Energy Healing & Intuitive Coaching can be experienced,
either in person, or anywhere in he world,
with equal effectiveness.
  • Your Distant Session will last between 1 hour & 1 1/4 hour.
    • Your Initial Distant Session will run a bit longer.
  • Five minutes before your Distant Session begins, I will align the Advanced Biophoton Analyzer Matrix III to your unique Life Energy Frequency.
  • We will speak via Cell Phone, Land line Phone, or Skype
  • I will then connect to your individual Energy Field
    & we will begin our Work together
  • You will also receive Homework, & various Healing Tools, designed
    to support your Distant Session & Personal Healing Journey,
    via, both email & regualr mail.
  • I will also send your customized Isopathic Remedy via regualr mail, with your Homework & Healing Tools.
What Should I Expect?
  • Your experience will depend upon the type of Work that we are doing together.
  • Your session will be balancing, soothing, & relaxing to some degree.
  • Your session might be so relaxing that you will fall asleep. Don't worry if you do, as the effectiveness of the work will be the same.
  • Some sessions will require you to be quite active in your participation.
  • You could feel the energy moving throughout your body as we work together.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the patterns that are related to what we are working on.
  • You might have an emotional experience, or gain access to a past memory.
  • You will learn more about yourself.
  • You possibly might access a Past Life Memory.
  • Most importantly, what I want you to expect, is that you will experience tangible movement towards the achievement of your Healing Goals.
Preparing for
Your Distant Session
  • Find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed.
  • You can have the lights on, the lights off, or even have a candle burning.
  • Please have a glass of water available.
  • Eat a light meal, or light snack before your session, making sure to give yourself ample time to digest your food.
  • I suggest using the bathroom prior to your Distant Session
  • Have a note pad & pen within easy reach.
    • Write down any questions that you would like to ask.
    • Take down any notes that will be helpful for you.
  • Have any foods, liquids, or supplements, that you would like for me to test, within easy reach.
  • Check your computer an hour before your Distant Session, for any supportive materials that I may send to you.
  • Please call me @ (208) 377-9049 at your scheduled session time.
  • Paying for your Healing Session
    • You may pay ahead of time, using Pay Pal, by going to
      The Healing Store
    • You may pay at the end of your session, using your credit card over the phone.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may.
We ourselves must walk the path.
.....The Buddha

If you have any questions please feel free to either email me,
or give me a call.

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