I long,
as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I find myself.
....Maya Angelou

Relief from Physical Imbalances

"II began having circulation problems about seven months ago, and went to a foot doctor, as my foot was red, swollen, and hurt like heck. After 15 minutes and $130.00, I was told there was nothing she could do for my foot, as I was a smoker and that's what happens, but since I was having trouble sleeping ( due to the pain) she would write me a prescription for sleeping pills. HOW HELPFUL WAS THAT? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I got home, and called Pam who researched the problem thoroughly, and came up with a regime of natural remedies to clear the plaque in my arteries, and restore my circulation - they started working the first day. I have cut way down on my smoking, and no longer have a red, swollen, and painful foot. Taking those natural dietary supplements has really made me realize there is an alternative to conventional medicine. I'm so thankful that I can count on Pam's knowledge and expertise in this area, because they really worked for me, and I feel great!" ....Susan Glenn Boise ID

"When I first came to see Pam, I would have these "pain attacks'. It was very scary, & the doctors could never find anything wrong. Pam discovered that I was suffering from allergies, & that was what was causing my pain. I feel great, & I haven't had a problem with "pain attacks" for at least 6 months. It feels really good to be pain free."

"I have suffered with both chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia for about 5 years. I have tried everything, with little to no success. I have been working with Pam for about 1.5 months, & I am feeling better each & every day. My fatigue is about 90% gone & most days, my body feels good. I am so excited & hopeful. It has been along time since I had faith in my ability to get better. This is great work!!" ....Leona S

"I had injured my shoulder a few years back & my body hasn't been the same since. After a few sessions with Pam, it feels like I have my old body back....but better!!" ...Jack S

Relief from Anxiety

Relief from Depression

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