I long, as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I find myself.

....Maya Angelou

Life Path Kinesiology

Life Path Kinesiology

LIFE PATH Kinesiology (LPK) is a natural therapy that uses a very accurate type of biofeedback to gather information from the client's Body, Mind, Bio-Chemistry, Emotions & Energy System. This information along with a variety of gentle & effective techniques, is used to bring the total person back into harmony & balance. When the Mind/Body/Spirit is in a balanced & harmonious state we are better-able to access our own inherent natural healing ability.

LIFE PATH Kinesiology views the essence of the Body/Mind/Spirit to be greater than the sum of its parts. We Human Beings are in a sense multi-dimensional bio-energetic computers of incredible complexity & at the same time a beautiful simplicity. PROBLEMS occur when this bio-computer becomes overwhelmed, shut down, dis-harmonious &/or out of balance. This is like a ‘blown fuse’ & it occurs when we experience excessive "bio-stress/charge" of an emotional, nutritional, environmental, chemical, mental &/or spiritual nature. It is this excessive "Bio-Charge" that is at the foundation of human imbalance, ill-health & disharmony.

LIFE PATH Kinesiology has the ability to discover where this excessive "Bio-Charge" & the resulting "Blown Fuses" are located. (LPK) also has the power to re-harmonize, heal & strengthen these same "Blown Fuses" & their connected issues.

MY INTENTION is to support each client to become more balanced, vital, healthy & happier in his or her life. What we all need to realize is that hidden within each us is all of the internal healing power that we need.

WHEN OUR conscious awareness is focused inward, on our previously unconscious, mis-aligned & stuck areas; when we are in balance & in harmony; only then will our life naturally reflect the truth of who we are, thus increasing inner peace, abundance, vitality & enthusiasm. LIFE PATH Kinesiology will help you to turn inwards & to begin to listen to your own inner healing voices as they speak the stories of your body, your mind & your heart. You will begin to feel more connected to both the world around you & to your inner Spiritual Nature.

EACH OF us is an amazingly complex & intricate being. We are the unique result of our genetics, beliefs, feelings & early life experiences. To meet the needs & different goals of each individual client, the tools & techniques that I use in each session are unique to each client.

AFTER YOUR (LPK) session, you will feel more balanced, content & at Peace. You will feel the inner freedom that comes from letting go of past baggage & stress. You will have increased self-compassion & understanding. Your life will just start to work better. Things that were challenging & overwheming will become easier to work with & overcome. This is very empowering work. And, maybe most importantly, you will be given tools, that are designed to provide balance & suppor, as you learn to integrate & apply all that you have experienced & learned.

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