Dreams pass into the reality of action.
From the actions stems the dream again;
and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.
........Anais Nin

Elemental Re-Alignment

What is an Elemental Mis-Alignment?

Every day you are exposed to many different substances, including, what you eat & drink, vitamins, prescription drugs, the air you breathe, chemicals, beauty products, viruses, molds & much more. Inside your body, you are literally being bathed in an incredibly wide variety of bio-chemicals, hormones, neurotransmitters & metabolic waste products.

Your body must recognize, categorize & correctly respond to each individual substance that you are exposed to both internal & external. Fatigue, stress & the fast pace of our modern world is overwhelming to your body. An overwhelmed & out of balance body can't keep up & it makes mistakes.

How can this affect my health?

What if your body mis-recognizes an unhealthy substance, such as a toxin, a heavy metal, a chemical, a poison or even an internal metabolic waste product as being beneficial & healthy for itself? Even though the substance is actually bad for your body, your body will do every thing it can to enhance absorption & assimilation of the substance.

Imagine that your body mis-recognizes a beneficial & healthy substance, such as food (dairy, wheat & etc), vitamins, a plant, pet dander or even an internal hormone or bio-chemical as being unhealthy or harmful for itself. Even if the substance is actually good for you, your body will do everything it can to block it's absorption & assimilation, or it will try to excrete it as quickly as possible, or it might even try to encapsulate it into the joints & tissues.

For example, what if your body mis-recognized calcium? Your body might try to excrete the calcium, instead of absorbing & using it. The result could be brittle & weak nails or bones, tight muscles or mental fatigue, all resulting from the body’s inability to correctly recognize & categoriz calcium. There might also be calcium deposits in the joints (arthritis) or cysts of excess calcium in the tissues from the bodies attempt to excrete & store the mis-recognized calcium.

What if your body ms-recognizes a hormone? It could try to excrete the hormone, it might block the hormones function or it might not recognize the hormone at all. If your body were to mis-recognize a nutrient & block it's absorption, your body could become malnourished, unhealthy & susceptible to illness.

Allergies to things such as pollen, food & pets are quite often just your body’s response to a mis-recognized substance. How can your immune system mount an effective defense, if your body mis-recognizes a virus or a bacteria? Rather than trying to destroy the invader, your body might try to absorb it deep into the cells.

What if your body mis-recognizes the bio-chemical blueprint of a healthy emotion such as joy, optimism or confidence as being unhealthy? This could mean that it would be very difficult for you to maintain, or even experience these positive emotional states.

I think I might have this issue, what can I do?

The process is actually quite straight forward & effective. . First, I will bring your Body/Mind into balance, including your chakras, aura, foundational energy grids & meridian system. I will then use either a homeopathic version of the mis-recognized substance, or the actual substance itself in combination with Bach Flower Remedys, Batteries, Liquid Needles & the Meridian System to Re-Align your body, so that it is able to correctly recognize & categorize the indicated substance. I love doing this type of work; it has the ability to make such significant changes in the lives of my clients. If you have any questions, please give me a call.

By Pamela S. Robinson
© 2008 - 2009, All Rights Reserved


Elemental Re-alignment


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