I long to accomplish a great and noble task,
but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble.
The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes,
but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.
....Helen Keller

The Elbow Balance

When you are under stress, primal bio-energetic survival systems become activated. The Triple Warmer Meridian responds to this "survival system activation" by hoarding bio-energies gathered from other the Energy Systems in your Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit, such as the Meridian System, the Chakra System, the Auric System, the Nadi System, the Cloacal System, & many other Foundational Energy Systems. This results in your Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit not having access to the amount of bio-energy needed to create healing, maintain wellness, or facilitate spiritual healing, & growth.

This primal bio-energetic survival system was created very far back in the evolutionary past, when life was a single cell organism. This bio-energetic survival system is wound into the very fabric of cellular exisence. I call this cellular survival system, the "Cellular Saboteur", because it does not care if you are happy, healthy, in an unhealthy relationship, want to make a positive change in your life, are suffering from a disease process, or want to make good & healthy changes to your diet. The "Cellular Saboteur" is only concerned with survival "today", & with potential harm, that change could cause. It considers change to be potentially dangerous & a possible threat to your very survival. The "Cellular Saboteur", depending upon how much chronic stress you are experiencing, will actually fight to keep you exactly where you are. For, where you are = survival. The "Cellular Saboteur" has access to all of your cellular & auric memory files & it uses this information of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit to keep you where you are. Remember... for the "Cellular Saboteur" where you are = survival.

Let me be clear, the "Cellular Satoteur" is not the Cellular Wisdom, that so many books & teachers refer to. In fact your Cellular Wisdom, yearns for growth, healing, & spiritual expansion. It is directly connected to your soul & spirit. It is place where your Higher Self, expresses into your material structure. Your Cellular Wisdom supports your growth, your healing, & your increasing self-awareness. Your "Cellular Saboteur" on the other hand, wants you to stay the same & exactly where you are, because as you are now is considered safe & safety = survival.

Even though your spirit yearns for growth, healing, evolution, & change. Even though your mind knows that making changes in your diet & excercise patterns is a good & healthy choice, even though your heart yearns for "more", ........the "Cellular Saboteur" views these positive & healthy choices & the resulting actions very differently. Remember, the "Cellular Saboteur" views change as potential destruction. Often the personal sabotage that we have all experienced as we strive to make positive changes & to experience healing growth in our lives, has been created by the "Cellular Saboteur".

This primal bio-energetic survival system is designed, to support your survival, but, because of the rapid changes in our environment & lifestyle in the last few centurys, it is running amok. It more often creates distress, "stuckness", & inhibits healthy growth, expansion & change, rather than supporting your healing, growth, & increasing self-awareness.

The Elbow Balance is a very easy to use Healing Tool. It does many things. It soothes the spirit; calms the body; creates serenity & peace of mind; heals the heart, & most importantly it sedates the "Cellular Saboteur". This allows space for new patterns to weave into your bio-energetic foundation. Remember the "Cellular Saboteur" fights to keep you as you are NOW!! When the "Cellular Saboteur" wakes up after you have used The Elbow Balance, it that change has occured. So, rather than fighting against change, the "Cellular Saboteur" will fight to maintain the change.

I, suggest using The Elbow Balance at least 5x per day, as it supports healing & growth. It is easy to use. It is designed to fit into your life, as it is. You can do this balance sitting in nature; while you meditate; sitting in your car; or even while you are watching tv.

If you are actively working on self growth & healing, I suggest using The Elbow Balance, up to 20x per day. Why?....... Because the "Cellular Saboteur" has the ability to undermine your best efforts. The "Cellular Satobeur" has the ability to kidnap your conscious choice & actions, without you even knowing it. It has the ability to impact your physiology, to distract you & to use your vulnerablities against you. It is a old outmoded survival system, that has the power to hijack your best intentions.

There will be a time in the future, just like our tails (we used to have an actual tail; now we only have a tail bone), that the "Cellular Saboteur" will de-evolve, because it is no longer needed in it's current form. But, this is not going to occur in this lifetime. And, this lifetime is precious. We all want to learn, grow, heal, & evolve to the absolute highest expression that we can. Using The Elbow Balance is foundational in our ability to truly be who & what we are.

May your journey be gentle.



The Basic Balance

Hold one Elbow Balance Point at a time, with a neutral touch (two or more fingers), until you experience a breath/system release.

Repeat on the opposite side


You may repeat this process as often as you like

Only do one side at a time

Once you have a breath/system release, let go of the point & move to the opposite side.


If you are actively working on your self growth, or you notice that old patterns are creeping back in.... I suggest doing the
Elbow Balance more often.

Using the Elblw Balance during the indicated 24 hour Meridian Window, will enhance the effectiveness of the Elbow Balance.

If you are feeling really activated, just keep going back & forth, between each side, until you feel balanced, calm, & complete.

Elbow Balance

This balance has impact on the Triple Warmer Meridian, which is connected to Adrenal & Thyroid energy.
If you have any health concerns or imablances in these systems please talk to your Health Provider,
before using The Elbow Balance.

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