We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity.
We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things
as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, & inclusion.

......Max de Pree

The Earth

No matter where you are on the planet you can experience Long Distance Healing.

Distant Healing on the Beach

Imagine walking on a tropical beach, surrounded by serenity, peace, & beauty. You can enhance your experience, promote deep inner wellness, stimulate profound healing & transformation by receiving & opening to Distant Healing.

Business Coaching on the Beach

Combine travel, leisure, & business success in a place of beauty, relaxation, & enjoyment. Distant Healing can enhance your Business Coaching Session, while allowing you to enjoy your abundant & meaningful life.

A few of the Foundational Healing Tools that I use in a Distant Healing Session are listed below.......

Egg Basket

LIFE PATH KINESIOLOGY (LPK) is a natural therapy that uses a very accurate type of biofeedback to gather information from the client's Body, Mind, Bio-Chemistry, Emotions & Energy System.

Yin & Yang in Balance

ELEMENTAL RE-ALIGNMENT re-reducates the Body so it can both recognize & absorb nutritional elements, & safely excrete chemicals & toxins.


THE MATRIX III provides a wide range of functions that are specifically designed to provide harmony & balance to your body’s energy field, enabling you to effectively reach & maintain a healthful, vital, & balanced state.

Pink Flower

CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS lift the spirit & soothe the heart, awakening an ancient remembering & knowingness, as they touch the center of the soul.

Moon & Cliff

THE QUANTUM ELEMENTAL LASER eliminates embedded, toxic encoded inauthentic EMF Fields that have been woven into the energy field of your body, your home, personal items, work place, or automobile.


FLOWER ESSENCESare herbal infusions or decoctions, that are made from the flowering part of the plant, which have the ability to address the spiritual, emotional, & mental aspects of healing, & wellness.



AROMA-EMOTIONAL REPATTERNING (ARP) is a profoundly deep & gentle healing experience. It is a wonderfully effective blending of the power of nature, scent, the body's energy systems, higher consciousness, intent, & brain re-alignment.


HOMEOPATHY is a natural healing system that works with the body's innate ability to heal itself. It uses very dilute micro-doses of mineral, botanical, & biological substances to stimulate the body's own defense mechanisms, & inherent healing powers.


A Few of the Healing Session Focus, & options are......

Serenity & Peace

Balance, Serenity

Release the stresses of Mind, Body, Spirit... by crreating a sustainable state of balance, serenity, & well-being.


Experience healing, inner peace & serenity as the deep cellular patterns that have blocked you from living your life to your full potential are identified, transformed, & released.

Mountain Stream

Neutralize the energetic toxins in your personal "Environmental Sample" to support your Mind, Body, & Spirit to thrive in our toxic world.


Foundational Nutrition
Learn which foods are best for your health & vitality. Support your body to utilize the foods you eat & effeciently process the chemicals & toxins you are regularily exposed to.


Learn to use food, Foundational Supplementation, & The Q2 Spa to support your Body, Mind, & Spirit to gently & safely detoxify.

EMF Neutralization
Un-neutralized EMF emitted from cell phones, computers & etc... creates disharmony in the body's energy systems, leading to a wide variety of physical imbalances.
Two Butterflys

I will create a Quantum Elemental Remedy designed to treat the Body, Heart, & Spirit of your Animal Companion.

Cosmic Moon
I use the Matrix III, to create a wide range of

Customized Energetic Remedies, such as Customized Animal Remedies, Indoor & Outdoor Environmental Remedies & Personal Remedies.
Time & Space

Long Distance Treatments

I am able to offer many types of Healing Treatments to my long distance clients by using The Matrix III's ability to perform customized Energetic Balancing Treatments anywhere on the planet.


Aligning with the Earth

Distant Healing

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