Peace comes from within.
Do not seek it without.

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I love myself
I love who I am
I am beautiful, happy, & healthy
I am healthy, whole & complete
I love my life
I choose how I feel
I love to nourish myself.
My life is fun.
I am full of energy and vitality.
The healing power of the universe creates healing in my body, each & every day.
I love living in my body.
I take good loving care of myself...Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit.
I am peaceful, joyous, & serene
I am calm, peaceful, & centered
My mind is peaceful & calm
I am serene & harmonious
I am happy, joyous, & complete
I am inner peace and serenity
My life is filled with abundant moments of harmonious serenity
Serene clarity and blessed peace of mind are my natural state of being
I am calm and serene
I am at peace within myself
I create my thoughts and emotions.
I choose to use every challenge as an opportunity for harmonious spiritual growth & evolution
I am peaceful, safe, & calm in any situation
I am free
I am open to experience complete inner peace
I allow inner peace to flow through me
I feel inner peace flowing through me
My inner peace is expanding
My inner peace guides me every moment
I am experiencing profound states of inner peace now
Inner Peace, serenity, & tranquility are my natural states of being
I am beautiful inner peace
I am harmonious tranquility
I am peaceful serenity
Today I am blessed with safety & inner peace
Today I am blessed with serenity & tranquility
I live in a state of inner peace
I enjoy the feelings of inner peace
I am the energy of inner peace
I am inner peace and serenity
I am total & complete inner peace
Each & every moment deepens my feelings of inner peace
I am harmonized with inner peace
I love feeling peaceful
It is easy for me to feel inner peace
It feels good to be me
I am beautiful, compassionate & at peace
I easily access deep states of inner peace
The joyousness of peace and harmony surround me.
The beauty of life surrounds me
I am calm & serene
Even when I feel stressed out, I am calm, in balance, & harmonious
Life is good
I am creative & adaptable in any situation
No matter what is going on around me, I am calm, serene, & at peace
I feel a great sense of happiness, security and well-bring in my life.
Peace and serenity is my natural state of being
Peace of mind is within me at all times
I love & accept myself today & forever
I am divine well being, abundance, vitality & absolute faith in my life purpose
Even when I am surrounded by the chaos of the world, I am serene, in balance & harmonious.
Serenity & Balance are my natural resting places.
I am safe, peaceful & all is well
I am joyous inner peace
I am serene unconditional self love
I am kind to myself
I now feel inner peace and true serenity
I am ready to let of what no longer serves me
I am perfectly happy in body, mind, heart & spirit.
I am healthy, happy & filled with radiant well-being
I am filled with light and love.
I love and accept myself exactly as I am.
I now express love to all those I meet
I create my own joy
I am flexible & adaptable
I love living my life
The more I give, the more I receive.


Written by Pamela S. Robinson
© 2011 - 2012, All Rights Reserved

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