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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." 
.....Helen Keller

DR. EDWARD BACH (1886 – 1936) was a British Physician, well-known pathologist, immunologist & bacteriologist.  He was a pioneer in conventional medicine. His discovery & applications of innovative bacterial vaccines are still being used today in modern Homeopathic Medicine.  Despite his medical successes, Dr. Edward Bach felt very deeply that there was something more that needed to be explored & understood in terms of human health & healing.  Through his own personal exploration, combined with his medical training & education, he came to believe that human dis-ease was in actuality, the end result of a disharmony between the Mind/Outer Personality & the Soul/Inner Spirit.  

HE WAS A TRUE PIONEER.   He was open to looking beneath the physical symptoms that the body presented.  He believed that the wounds & imbalances of the heart, the mind & spirit are the true cause of all physical imbalance & disease.  He felt that our bodily ills actually symptoms of our emotional, mental & spiritual imbalances & that the true cause of our physical imbalances are actually our thoughts, our belief systems, our emotions, our fears, worries, anxieties & etc….

IN THE EARLY 1930’s, Dr. Edward Bach discovered a comprehensive, natural healing system prepared from wild plants, trees & flowers.  This Healing System is an extremely effective, safe & gentle form of alternative healing.  What is wonderful about the Bach Flower Remedies is that they cannot cause any harm…. They can only create healing. 

THE BACH FLOWER Remedies contain the subtle energetic essences of flowers, plants & trees.  These remedies help to rebalance our mental, emotional & spiritual bodies; which in turn promotes health & vitality in the physical body. 

BY USING the Bach Flower Remedies to promote health, healing & well-being in our lives, we are offered a profound opportunity to heal on a very deep level, to grow & to expand in our lives.  The Remedies are able to provide us with the healing support that we need to transition from the all to often Human States of Disease, Disharmony, General Unhappiness & Spiritual Disconnection, towards the Higher Human States of Emotional Well-Being, Physical Health & Vitality, Mental Balance & Spiritual Connection & Peacefulness.

THE BACH FLOWER Remedies contain the energetic patterns of the highest & most altruistic of human qualities & virtues.  If we do choose to believe that the ultimate origin of human disease & imbalance has its roots/causes in the human mind, then the Bach Flower Remedies provide us with a wonderfully effective & gentle opportunity for deep & profound healing on all levels of our being.

IMBALANCE & dis-ease on any level of our being is thought to occur because of a lack of connection between our Inner Soul & our Outer Personality.  Physical Dis-ease & Imbalance is at its heart, an outer manifestation of an Inner Imbalance & Dis-ease.  For this reason, the Bach Flower Remedies are a highly effective form of Preventative Healing. 

BACH FLOWER Remedies work by acting as a catalyst, reconnecting the blocked energy pathways between the Soul & the Personality.  The Soul can then be “heard” again by the personality.  Where there was once disharmony, rigidity & lack of balance, we are able to move, to unfold, to expand & our life is once again flowing in its intended direction.  The support of the Bach Flower Remedies allows the personality to find it’s way out of its human limitations, confusions & grandiosities & back home to it’s Souls path & potentials.  It is the authentic expression in our life, of our souls’ truths that give meaning, harmony & happiness to our existence on this planet.

BACH FLOWER THERAPY does not focus on the physical aspects of illness & disease; instead this type of natural therapy is applied to the deeper, underlying emotional, spiritual & mental foundations & causes of dis-ease & imbalance.  Bach Flower Therapy’s goal is to heal & balance the Mind, the Emotions & the Spirit.  When these aspects of being are healed, then & only then can the body truly heal.  True healing does not come from an outside source.  The body heals itself.  What we need to do is to provide the body with what it needs, in order to support this healing process.  Bach Flower Remedies are an easy to use & highly effective way to provide our bodies with the healing support that they need.

IN OUR MODERN world we are used to focusing on our physical ills, symptoms & discomforts.  Our mental attitude, emotional feelings & spiritual state are secondary.   Bach Flower Therapy views health & lack of health very differently.  What is most important, are our mental attitudes, our emotional feelings & our spirituality. 

May you live the life that you were born to live, in peace, harmony & contentment”.   
Pam Robinson

THE BACH FLOWER Remedies can be used in a variety of ways.  They can be used to treat the Mind, the Emotions & the Spirit, with the goal of creating healing on the physical level.  They can be used with the goal of calming, soothing & healing the heart, the spirit & the emotions.  They can be used in combination with any type of Body oriented healing therapy, either Traditional or Alternative.  I think that this is the most ideal application. 

EACH HEALING Therapy has a different focus & a different use & application.  When we combine different therapies into a comprehensive healing program, dramatic, holistic & effective healing of Mind, Body & Spirit can occur.  We need to remember that our goal is to treat the whole person, not just part of the person.

THE STATE OF true & vibrant health can be defined as a dynamic state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & social well-being.  This is a state in which one feels a passion for living, a joy in our daily lives, a meaningful connection with the profound beauty of life that is all around us & an awareness of & harmony with the Universe. It is also a state in which one feels youthful, passionate, energetic, vital & healthy, spiritually connected & excited about life.

I BELIEVE that Abundant Good Health, Happiness, Vitality, Enthusiasm, Inner Peace & Inner Joy are our Natural State of Being & our Birth Right.  We are meant to have wonderful, meaningful & exciting lives.  We are meant to be happy, enthusiastic & at Peace.  We are here to express the truth of whom we truly are; to learn, to grow & to evolve as the incredible human beings that we are.  

OUR BODY is a miracle, with a natural & inherent tendency towards health & wellness.  We just need to provide our body with the help that it needs.  The Bach Flower Remedies are a great natural healing tool, that can provide the needed support to create balance of Mind, Body & Spirit.  Then our Body/Mind will naturally & easily re-align.  Our body will then be able to heal itself.

“DISEASE IS solely & purely corrective: it is neither vindictive nor cruel; but it is the means adopted by our Souls to point out to us our faults; to prevent our making greater errors; to hinder us from doing more harm; & to bring us back to that path of truth & light from which we should never have strayed”.  
  ......Edward Bach

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